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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about Forrst

What is Forrst?

Forrst is a community of designers and developers. It's a place where those folks can share their work and get actionable feedback so that they can get better at their craft.

What can I do here?

Sharing on Forrst is done through posting four kinds of posts: questions, snaps, code and links. Post works-in-progress that you need feedback on or share anything you find interesting to other designers and developers. If you are posting works-in-progress, check out our Park Guide (link) for tips on soliciting and giving feedback.

Public posts? What exactly does making a post public mean?

Public posts allow you to share content with friends via the post’s short URL. Your friends don’t need to have a Forrst account to view your post; just blog, tweet, HackerNews, or share the URL and you’re done.

I have an idea for Forrst, where should I send it?

The best place to submit new ideas and suggestions is at hello@forrst.com.

How do I join the Forrst IRC channel?

If you want to hang out in the IRC channel, use webchat.freenode.net/ (or your favorite IRC client) and connect to channel #forrst-chat.

How can I get the most out of my membership?

Forrst isn't just another gallery, but rather more of show and tell. You have to tell folks what your project is, the challenges involved and what you think works best to elicit the most from your fellow Forrsters. Likewise, you have to interact with fellow Forrsters. Comment on threads and post quality code and design work that needs feedback for improvement.

Pro Accounts

Learn about our premium accounts

What are Pro Accounts?

These are premium Forrst accounts with Forrst.me perks. Among these are stats and custom domains, unlimited attachments, a monthly Acorn balance and a badge of your profile. The biggest feature, however, is that you'll be helping keep the Forrst community around for the long haul.

When will I get billed?

If you chose the monthly plan, you’ll be billed every month on the day you originally signed up. For instance, if you signed up on March 29th, you’ll be billed April 29th, May 29th, and so on. If you chose yearly, you’ll be billed once every 365 days.

Isn’t $5/month expensive?

A large majority of our users are professional developers and designers. We feel that $5 is extremely reasonable for what we’re offering — advanced functionality and our ability to help keep Forrst around for the long-term.

Will I get more invites if I pay?

No, sorry. Invites are only earned by being a great contributor on Forrst.

What happens if I cancel my Pro account?

Pro features will remain on until the end of the next billing cycle, but unfortunately we cannot offer refunds right now.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Sorry, but Pro payments are not refundable right now. You will, however, always get the functionality you’ve been billed for, even if you cancel. Thanks for understanding.


Learn about our reputation system

What is Reputation?

Reputation measures members' activity and engagement on Forrst. The higher your reputation score, the more active and engaged you have been in the community. Reputation is shown as a percentile.

How does the percentile work?

The higher your percentile, the better. It reflects what percentage of users your reputation is higher than.

How do I earn reputation?

Reputation is affected by numerous factors, including posting, liking, commenting, having your posts and comments liked, flagging content, as well as the behavior of folks you invite.

Can I lose it, too?

Yep, you lose reputation for not following the guidelines, inviting folks who are detrimental to the community, as well as other negative behaviors on Forrst.

Do the people I invite affect my score?

Yes. Your own reputation will be affected by the reputation of users you invite.

Can I earn more reputation by posting more thorough comments?

Why, as a matter of fact you can! We do all the math, using some nifty statistical calculations that keep track of when you comment more. However, just posting longer comments doesn't necessarily lead to a higher percentile.

What are Helpful comments?

If you find a comment helpful to you or another Forrster, you can show your appreciation by clicking on the smiley face. If it's really helpful, you can reward the commenter for their thoughtful answer with some of your Acorns.


Invite friends and colleagues to join

What are Invites?

Forrst is an Invite only community, and that means the addition of new members is completely in your hands. By sending someone an Invite you are vouching for their dedication and ability to expand the community.

How do I use my Invites?

People frequently ask for Invites on Twitter, blogs, and other places, but we have made it easy for you: Anyone can apply for membership on the Forrst homepage, and you as a member have access to these applications at forrst.com/people/list/…. Check out their portfolios, GitHub, Twitter, etc., and invite whom you feel is most deserving and will best represent Forrst.

How do I earn Invites?

There are a few ways to earn invites, but the most common way is to simply be very active on the site. The first of every month the most active users are eligible for up to 5 invites depending on the level of your activity the previous month (New Posts, Comments, Likes, Bookmarks, and so forth). Your account must also be at least two weeks old.

Are there any other ways to earn Invites?

The Rangers have been known to give out Invites here and there for especially amazing posts or comments that stand out, stories of one user lending a helping hand to others, and just general awesomeness.


The currency of Forrst

What can Acorns be used for?

Acorns used to promote or add attachments to posts, and become listed in the Forrst.me Directory. In time, other Acorn-powered features will roll out, so stay tuned.

In what ways can I buy or earn Acorns?

Users can purchase Acorns for one dollar each. Sometimes, Acorns may also be awarded to users for amazing posts or comments, and to users that go above and beyond the call of duty in helping the community.

Promoted Posts

Get your post in front of thousands of active Forrst users

What are Promoted Posts?

Promoted Posts allow any Forrst member in good standing get their posts in front of thousands of active Forrst members (great for job posts, requests for urgent feedback, or promoting a new product or service).

How much do Promoted Posts cost?

It takes a minimum of 20 Acorns to create a Promoted Post. Right now, each Acorn is worth 50 impressions. Buy Acorns here.

Are there special guidelines for Promoted posts?

Promoted Posts must follow all the current post guidelines. If you have questions on the guidelines, please email us: hello@forrst.com


How we keep the community clean and fresh

When should I flag Posts and Comments?

You should flag any posts that are offensive or in violation of the Forrst Guidelines. This is the best way you can help keep Forrst clean and litter free.

What happens if my Post or Comment is flagged?

If your post is flagged, a Ranger will review your post to determine what course of action should be taken. You will receive an email detailing the problem and what can be done to fix it. During this time, your post may be hidden from the public view.

Should I tell the OP that I flagged their post or comment?

We ask that you please refrain from posting "I flagged this Post/Comment" comments in posts. Thanks!

Where can I find a list of site rules and guidelines?

We keep a list of site rules on forrst.com/…


Bro that’s so meta!

What is a Meta post?

(from Greek: μετά = "after", "beyond", "with", "adjacent", "self"), is a prefix used in English (and other Greek-owing languages) to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept. Forrst is about Design and Development — not about Forrst. Most of the Meta Posts we find are posts that should have been Support Questions or off-topic such as welcome or Hello World posts. We love hearing about ourselves as much as the next guy(probably more) but meta posts about Forrst just don’t belong here.

Are any Meta Posts acceptable?

If you have been working on a Forrst iPhone app or created some Forrst inspired art then by all means please post it. Just because its about Forrst doesn’t mean you can’t get feedback and admiration.

What do I do if I catch myself writing a Meta Post?

Chances are you need help and lucky for you help is close by! If you crave that extra human interaction you can email our support account hello@forrst.com where you can get that tender loving care that only Forrst staff members can offer.


// Does any one know where to get the Forrst logo // I just joined and I freakin loooooove this site // Ya know what Forrst really needs... // Ya know what Forrst really needs... to get rid of // I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Forrst

Ranger Picks

What are Ranger Picks?

The Forrst team picks out and highlights posts that feature good work and discussions. We're the ones who plant these posts.

How do my post get picked?

We're the ones who plant these posts. We look for posts that have design or development work that sparks conversations that are beneficial to other Forrsters

Post Sightings

What are Post Sightings?

This is the normal stream of posts, where you can find posts by other Forrsters, including Ranger Picks and Snapshots.

Ranger Snapshots

What are Ranger Snapshots?

This is a showcase of the best work from Forrsters. We brush aside the foliage and get the real story behind the most compelling work. We ask designers or developers how it was done and the process involved.

Scout Training

What is Scout Training?

This is a place where you can find post that need a little more watering and care to elicit more meaningful feedback from the community.

How do Scouts get selected?

This is where you can help us and your fellow Forresters. You have the ability to select posts that aren't quite up to snuff and recommend them for Scout Training. Post can get sent here for the following:

  • Needs more work. The post isn't crafted in such a way for community feedback to be useful.
  • Overly promotional. The post doesn't contribute enough opportunity for the community to learn.
  • Lacks purpose. The post hasn't asked for specific feedback, highlighted successful ideas or shared insights into their work.


Learn about the Leaderboard

What is the Leaderboard?

It's where you can see the points of Forrsters who've contributed helpful advice and critiques, as well as have posted interesting and meaningful posts that spur insightful conversations. Points are awarded by other Forrsters who vote on whether comments are helpful.

How is this scored?

To keep people from flooding Forrst with posts, every Forrster spends 5 points when they make a post. Here's the breakdown of how the leaderboard is scored:

  • 10 points for receiving a helpful comment vote on a scout training post
  • 5 points for receiving a helpful comment vote
  • -5 points for creating a post
  • 1 point for receiving a like on a post
  • 1 point for receiving a comment on a post

Other things to keep in mind:

  • The scores are updated every 5 minutes
  • The scores are never reset — only the time frame changes

Everything Else

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