Hey Forrsters! We’ve put together a new page for our app, Enroll and would love to get your feedback! Enroll used to have a very simple landing page; we’re talking a few lines of text and a signup form. We saw an opportunity for improvement and charged ahead.

When heading into the redesign for Enroll, we were focused on engaging the attention of potential users and peer designers who may be interested in joining an awesome network of testers. We needed to entice our audience by showing how empowering and important their input is when helping to make the web a better place. This is why we created a new ZURB superhero; to represent the unparalleled value our network of testers offers the design community. After all, knowledge is a super power, right?

The overall sketch style is a loved and well recognized part of the ZURB brand and we wanted to maintain consistency across the apps.

We knew it was important to highlight the actual benefits of signing up as an Enroll tester in an engaging way. With this in mind we came up with an open layout that really focused on WHY you’d want to be a member of the Enroll elite squad. The new design highlights these benefits as you continue to scroll down and explore how the app can make you a superhero.

So, fellow Forrsters, we’d love to get your feedback on a couple of things:

  • What do you think of the hero? Are there other concepts you think are worth exploring?
  • Are the benefits clearly messaged? What else would compel you to sign up?
  • Anything else you noticed about the design that we may have missed?

Thanks for your insight and feedback!