Hey guys, I'm back with more updates on my portfolio redesign.

After a couple of attempts, here and here, I decided to do a bit of a rework.

For those just joining, this redesign is aimed at providing the visitor with a snapshot of what I'm about; think of it as a mini interactive resume where the visitor doesn't have to do too much to find out about me but if they want more, it will act as a portal/contact point. I'm not looking to sell services, this is (almost) strictly a profile.

In this rework, I wanted to keep it as flat and simple as possible and its going to be primarily a one page design, but I will be looking at building case studies out of my larger projects and incorporating them as extra pages in the future.

I know the structure is fairly popular at the moment, but i'm not looking to be too fancy as personally i'm quite simple and I like clean, simple and functional design :)

Thanks to @forrestkoba, @sarah_edwards and @LauraMoraiti for the feedback thus far!

P.S Thanks for the "Ranger's Pick"!

Here's a notable link, for those who are feeling a little bit fancy.