Ranger snapshots highlight the best work from the Forrst community, diving into the design and story behind the most compelling design work on the Internet. Snapshots serve as examples of great design presentation for effective design learning and feedback from our community.

Today's Ranger Snapshot is from Nick Sigler, a UX/UI Designer at Aloompa.

We caught a peek at some of his awesome Brite designs and reached out to him to learn more. In case you're not familiar, Brite gives passionate music fans and listeners a place to support emerging artists they love.

We came across the Brite website redesign, and just had to pass along some kudos on the layout — it looks great! For the homepage, what design decisions do you believe really work? What gets you most excited about this design?

Thanks for asking me to be a part of this!

People find new music in different ways, so the main design goal for the homepage is to showcase the musicians and their work using multiple approaches. Every week, Brite updates the site with three curated artists, an exclusive video and a free, ten-song sampler. Each of these sections link to the artists' profile pages, where a listener can learn more about the artist and download their music.

From a visual perspective, I approached the site design as minimally as possible to allow the artists' beautiful press photos and album covers to take center stage. This was achieved by limiting the color palette while using gradients and drop-shadows sparingly. Since the site is content-heavy, a gridded layout was the natural choice for keeping things organized.

My favorite part of the homepage design is the pie-chart style music player in the sampler section. The developer gets the credit for suggesting this detail as an option, and I think it ended up being a really great way to indicate which track is playing.

We see that you reside in Nashville — a city commonly associated with country music. Given that Brite impacts both artists and listeners, how do you believe the site design brings the two together and tells an interesting story?

Nashville is brimming with incredibly talented musicians, and most of them are doing everything they can to be heard by a larger audience. Meanwhile, music lovers like me are always searching for something new to listen to. The objective of the site is to introduce these passionate listeners to artists they may not have heard of otherwise. Both sides gain from this introduction: the artists get a simple distribution platform and valuable demographic information about their listeners, while the listeners are able to find their new favorite artists and download free music.

Tell us a little bit about the artist dashboard. We admire the design and the way the analytics are presented. What inspiration did you look at while you were designing this page?

The artist dashboard is a place where artists and their managers can view data points like profile views, gender breakdowns and download history. They can also download sales reports and see which of their Facebook fans have downloaded songs.

As far as inspiration goes, I love infographic design and deeply admire the work of designers like Nicholas Felton (feltron.com/) and Francesco Franchi (francescofranchi.com/). I particularly like how both of these designers mix beautiful typography and engaging data visualizations, creating layouts that you can stare at for hours.

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